Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Department of Earth Sciences Advisory Board

Tim Cowdery, MS

Hydrogeologist, U.S. Geological Survey




Jennifer Engstrom, MS

Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources, Lands & Minerals Division, Mineland Reclamation and Research Manager, St. Paul





Carrie Jennings, PhD

Research and Policy Director, Freshwater Society

Adjunct professor and graduate faculty member, Dept. of Earth Sciences, UMN





Denise Levitan, PhD

Environmental Scientist, Barr Engineering





Chuck Mosher, PhD

Geoscience Fellow, ConocoPhillips





Keith Rapp, BS

Senior Project Manager/Senior Hydrogeologist, Pinnacle Engineering Inc., Minneapolis





Shanna Schmitt, PG, CPG

Hydrogeologist, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency





Catherine Stott, PG, PE

Senior Environmental Engineer, Burns & McDonnell





[no photo yet]

Jon Tortomasi, BS

Hydrogeologist, Jacobs (formerly CH2M), Milwaukee