Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Graduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees (2004-present)

Brooke A. White, PhD Earth Sciences, December 2013, A three-dimensional model of Lake Superior with ice and biogeochemistry: investigating interannual lake trends and the deep chlorophyll maximum, Advisor: Katsumi Matsumoto

Autumn J. Haagsma, MS Earth Sciences, October 2013, Seismic refraction analysis of east river flats, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Advisor: Justin Revenaugh

Eric W.N. Stevens, MS Earth Sciences, October 2013, Barite crusts from a brine pool in the Gulf of Mexico and the role of sulfur oxidizing bacteria in the precipitation of barite (BaSO4), Advisor: Jake Bailey

Matthew J. Carter, PhD Geology, October 2013, The role and fate of fluid inclusions in natural and experimental deformation, Advisor: Christian Teyssier

Anna K. Lindquist, PhD Geophysics, September 2013, Dislocations in magnetite: experimental observations of their structural, magnetic, and low-temperature effects, Advisor: Joshua Feinberg.

Apryl Marie Jennrich, MS Geology, September 2013, Plan C, Advisor: Calvin Alexander.

Dylan J. Blumentritt, PhD Geology, August 2013, Reconstructing the erosional history of the Upper Mississippi River from magnetic, isotopic, and geomorphic evidence, Advisors: Herb Wright and Dan Engstrom.

Gregory A. Brick, PhD Geology, August 2013, The nitrate deposits of rock crevices n the Upper Mississippi Valley, Advisor: Calvin Alexander.

Kimberly E. Yauk, MS Earth Sciences, July 2013, Using magnetism to characterize and distinguish high coercivity iron oxide and oxyhydroxide minerals in atmospheric dust. Advisor: Bruce Moskowitz.

Tao Wang, PhD Geophysics, June 2013, Seismic structure around the 660 discontinuity in subduction zone and its implication, Advisor: Justin Revenaugh.

Patrick T. Hastings, MS Geology, June 2013, Stability of reduced carbon in the mantle, Advisors: Marc Hirschmann and Tony Withers.

Lauren Idleman, MS Earth Sciences, June 2013, Burial and exhumation cycles tracked by 40Ar/39Ar and apatite (U-Th)/He thermochronology in a strike-slip fault zone, central Turkey, Advisors: Christian Teyssier and Donna Whitney

Christie J. Villanueva, MS Earth Sciences, June 2013, Evolution of a metamorphic gradient in the footwall of the northern Snake Range detachment, Nevada, Advisor: Christian Teyssier.

Jennifer B. Wright, MS Earth Sciences, June 2013, Plan B, Advisor: Donna Whitney.

Eamon P.M. Donovan, MS Earth Sciences, January 2013, Plan C, Advisor: Calvin Alexander

Chiji J. Ochiagha, MS Geology December 2011 Advisor: David Fox

Sara Eugenia Moron, MS Geology December 2011, Paleosol carbon isotope stratigraphy, major oxides and rock magnetic record of climate change across the Paleocene-Eocene boundary in the Bogota Basin, Colombia, Advisor: David Fox

Ioan Lascu, PhD Geology December 2011, Quantification of magnetic components in sediments with applications in paleoenvironmental studies, Advisors: Subir Banerjee/Emi Ito

Jessica L. Till, PhD Geophysics October 2011, Magnetic and Physical Characteristics of Magnetite Associated with Deformation and Exsolution, Advisor: Bruce Moskowitz

Melissa A. Berke, PhD Geology October 2011, Molecular and isotopic records of climate variability and vegation response in tropical East Africa during the Late Pleistocene and Holocene, Advisor: Tom Johnson

Xiuju Liu, PhD Geology September 2011, Late Quaternary climate history on the northeast Tibetan plateau: multi-proxy investigation of Lake Qinghai sediments, Advisors: Erik Brown/Steve Colman

Peter J. Rose, PhD Geology August 2011, Paleoclimate and mammal paleocology during the Paleocene of North America: insights from stable isotopes, Advisors: David Fox/Paul Capel

Jimmy B. Randolph, PhD Geophysics August 2011, Coupling geothermal energy capture with carbon dioxide sequestration in naturally permeable, porous geologic formations -- a novel approach for expanding geothermal energy utilization, Advisor: Martin Saar

Mikaella E. Rough, MS Geology July 2011, H2 and chlorite production from an olivine-rich gabbroic rock assemblage: a modeling and experimental study at 420C, 500 bars, Advisor: William Seyfried

Andrew J. Luhmann, PhD Geology July 2011, Water Temperature as a Tracer in Karst Aquifers, Advisor: Calvin Alexander

Brian C. Bagley, PhD Geophysics June 2011, Seismic Structure of the Mantle Beneath the Pacific Hemisphere, Advisor: Justin Revenaugh

Frederick A. Davis, MS Geology March 2011, Determination of Small Melt Fraction Peridotite Partial Melts Using Re Foil Melt Traps, Advisor: Marc Hirschmann

Marylee S. Murphy, MS Geology December 2010, Application of the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) to the Willow River Watershed, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, Advisor: James Almendinger

Elisa Fitz-Diaz, PhD Geology December 2010, Progressive deformation, fluid flow and water-rock interaction in the Mexican Fold-Thrust Belt , Central Mexico, Advisor: Peter Hudleston

Benjamin F. Hardt, PhD Geology October 2010, Changes in seasonal precipitation of East Center North America with connections to global climate, Advisor: Larry Edwards.

Daniel Stevens King, PhD Geophysics October 2010, Stress-driven melt segregation and reactive melt infiltration in partially molten rocks deformed in torsion with applications to melt extraction from Earth's mantle, Advisor: David Kohlstedt

Cale T. Anger, MS Geology September 2010, Advisor: Calvin Alexander

Travis J. Tenner, PhD Geology June 2010, The effect of water on partial melting in the upper mantle, Advisor: Marc Hirschmann

Valerie L. Stanley, MS Geology June 2010, Advisor: Annia Fayon

Samuel D. Matson, PhD Geology, August 2010, Stable isotopic investigation of late Neogene terrestrial paleoecology and paleoclimate of the circum-Mediterranean region, Advisor: David Fox

Anna Henderson, PhD Geology July 2010, Dual hydrogen and oxygen isotopic approach for tracking seasonal precipitation contributions and evaporative processes in modern systems and in paleoclimate reconstructions, Advisor: Emi Ito/Bryan Shuman

John J. Quinn, PhD Geology, December 2009, Geostatistical approaches to characterizing the hydrogeology of glacial drift, Advisor: Howard Mooers 

Yifan Hu, MS Geophysics, December 2009, Suitability of chondrules for studying the magnetic field of the early solar system: An examination of synthetically produced dusty olivine, Advisor: Bruce Moskowitz/Josh Feinberg

Stacy C. Gohman, MS Geology, December 2009, Vegetation change and the extinction of the woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) in eastern Siberia, Advisor: David Fox.

Ravi Appana, MS August 2009, Aquifer and Shallow San Andreas Fault Permeabilities Inferred from Poroelastic Modeling of InSAR Measurements of Land Surface Deformation in Coachella Valley, California, Advisor: Martin Saar

Rory McFadden, PhD July 2009, Melt transport and magma accumulation in a migmatite-cored gneiss dome, Fosdick Mountains, West Antarctica, Advisors: Christian Teyssier/Donna Whitney

Junmin Shi, MS June 2009 (Plan C), Advisor: Tom Johnson

Seth Kruckenberg, PhD June 2009, The dynamics of migmatitie domes in extending orogens, Advisors: Christian Teyssier/Donna Whitney

Eric Goergen, PhD May 2009, Tectonics of metamorphic crystallization, Advisor: Donna Whitney

Stacia Gordon, PhD Jan. 2009, Timescales of migmatization, metamorphism, and deformation in a collapsed orogenic plateau, Advisors: Christian Teyssier/Donna Whitney

Michal Tal, PhD Dec. 2008, Interactions between vegetation and braiding vegetation leading to the formation of single-thread channels in a laboratory experiment, Advisor: Chris Paola

Avery L.C. Shinneman, PhD Dec. 2008, Climatic and anthropogenic influences on aquatic ecosystems in the valley of the Great Lakes, Mongolia, Advisors: Mark Edlund/Emi Ito

Kristin E. Riker-Coleman, PhD Dec. 2008, Submerged fossil corals: archives of diagenesis, subsidence and sea level, Advisor:Christina Gallup

Judith L. Andrews, MS Sept. 2008, Coupled heat and helium transport in groundwater, Advisor: Martin Saar

Stephen E. Schneider, MS Aug. 2008, Deformation of olivine single crystals at intermediate temperatures: Application to deformation of the lithosphere, Advisor: David Kohlstedt

Amy P. Chen, MS Aug. 2008, Low-temperature magnetic properties of single-domain magnetite, Advisor: Bruce Moskowitz

Karen Sherper-Rohs, MS May 2008, Hydrostratigraphy of the Mt. Simon Sandstone in the Twin Cities Basin, Advisor: Calvin Alexander

Phillip Larson, PhD May 2008, Quantification of glacial sediment erosion, entrainment, and transport processes and their implications for the dynamic history of the Laurentide Ice Sheet, Advisor: Howard Mooers

Peter B. Davis, PhD May 2008, The petrotectonic evolution of the Sivrihisar Massif, Turkey, Advisor: Donna Whitney

Sushmita Dasgupta, PhD May 2008, High-resolution speleothem record of Late Quaternary climate change from the upper Midwest, USA, Advisor: Larry Edwards

Anna M. Courtier, PhD May 2008, Mantle dynamics, composition, and state in regions associated with active and ancient subduction, Advisor: Justin Revenaugh

Laura D. Triplett, PhD March 2008, Two rivers, two lakes, two legacies: Anthropogenic alterations to silica cycling and heavy metal loading in Lake St. Croix and Lake Pepin, USA, Advisors: Dan Engstrom/Emi Ito

Michelle M. Sutherland, MS Feb. 2008 (Plan B), Advisor: Donna Whitney

Lauren M. Larkin, MS January 2008, Antithetic mineral alignment in response to shear deformation in a two phase rock, Advisor:  David Kohlstedt

John Matthew Martin, PhD December 2007, Quantitative Sequence Stratigraphy, Advisor: Chris Paola

Shushu Chen, PhD July 2007, The Role of Water in the High-Temperature Deformation of Clinopyroxene, Advisor: David Kohlstedt

Isla Sarita Castaneda, PhD May 2007, Paleoenvironmental Variability in the Southeast African Tropics since the Last Glacial Maximum: Molecular and Isotopic Records from Lake Malawi, Advisors:  Tom Johnson & Josef Werne

Yiwen Pan, MS March 2007, Experimental and Theoretical Constraints on pH Measurement with Iridium Oxide Electrode in Aqueous Fluids from 25 to 175 Degrees C and 25 Mpa, Advisor:  Bill Seyfried

Wonsuck Kim, PhD February 2007, Coupled Fluvial and Shoreline Dynamics: Experiments and Theory, Advisors:  Chris Paola & Vaughan Voller

Graham B. Baird, PhD October 2006, The Strain and Geometry of Meso-Scale Ductile Shear Zones and the Associated Fluid Flow, Advisor: Peter Hudleston.

Nikki Strong, PhD September 2006, Mass Balance Effects in Clastic Fluvial Stratigraphy, Advisor: Chris Paola.

Rhonda Friberg, MS September 2006, Macroecology of Mammals: An Analysis of Vegetation Composition as an Explanation for Patterns of Species Richness of Mammals in North America, Advisor:  David Fox.

Nicholas P. Lang, PhD September 2006, On Geologic Processes in the Lowland Regions of Venus, Advisor: Vicki Hansen.

Sandeep Mukherjee MS August 2006, Partial Melting Experiments on Allende Carbonaceous Chondrite and Applications to Early Differentiation of Small to Mid Sized Planetary Bodies, Advisor:  Marc Hirschmann

Amy E. Myrbo, PhD August 2006, T he Lacustrine Carbon Cycle and Its Representation in Lake Sediments, Advisor:Thomas Johnson

Daniel M. Ruscitto MS August 2006, Unraveling Subduction-Related Geochemical Signals in Southeastern Guatemala Using Uranium-Thorium Isotopes and Trace Element Chemistry, Advisors: Marc Hirschmann and Larry Edwards.

Qi Fu, PhD August 2006, Experimental Investigations on the Origin and Fate of Carbon Species in Hydrothermal Systems, Advisor: William Seyfried Jr.

Qing Zhang, PhD July 2006, Midcrust Kinematics in Intracontinental Oblique Convergence, Advisor:  Christian Teyssier.

Fawna J. Korhonen, PhD July 2006, An Investigation into the Tectonometamorphic Evolution of the Wilson Lake Terrane, Easter Grenville Province, Advisor: Jim Stout

Rajdeep Dasgupta, PhD June 2006, Experimental Investigation of Mantle Melting in the Presence of Carbonates, Advisor: Marc Hirschmann.

Theodor J. Scott, PhD June 2006, A Determination of the Viscosity of Partially Molten Peridotite at Melt Fractions up to the RCMF and the Effect of Incompatible Elements in Olivines on the Rates of Cation Diffusion, Advisor:  David Kohlstedt.

Justin W. Hustoft, PhD May 2006, An Experimental Investigation of Metal-Silicate Segregation in Partially Molten Peridotites Advisor: David Kohlstedt.

Xianfeng Wang, PhD May 2006, Late Quaternary Climate Changes in Brazil Recorded by Speleothems, Advisor: Larry Edwards.

Kathleen M. O'Grady, MS March 2006, Comparison of capillary effects on water table fluctuation under variable storativity in laboratory columns and field settings, Advisor:  Olaf Pfannkuch.

Andrew J. Breckenridge, PhD March 2006, Lake Superior Varves: Records of Lake Agassiz Overflow and Ice Sheet Dynamic, Advisor: Thomas Johnson.

Dylan J. Blumentritt, MS January 2006, Constraining Slip Rates Using Cosmogenic Isotopes (10Be and 3He) and ASLM Data: Calico Fault, Mojave Desert, California. Advisor:  Lesley Perg.

Kristina L. Brady, MS January 2006, The Impact of Basin Morphology on Diatom Response to Mid- Holocene Climate Change: A Paired Study of Lake Itasca and Elk Lake, Clearwater County, North-Central Minnesota. Advisors: Emi Ito and Mark Edlund

Peter A. Harff, MS December 2005, Comparison of Flow and Depositional Characteristics of Stacked Subaqueous Debris Flows in a Laterally Unconfined Tank to Experimental and Natural Flows, Advisor: Chris Paola.

Leonardo C. Cruz Cedeno, PhD November 2005, Exhumation, Deformation, and Thermochronology of Experimental Orogenic Wedges and Natural Transpressional Orogens: Venezuelan Paria Peninsula, Advisor: Christian Teyssier.

Lindsay J. Iredale, MS August 2005, Flow accommodated bivergent extension: a new model for evolution of the Southern Menderes Massif (SW Turkey) using vorticity and fabric analysis, Advisors: Donna Whitney and Christian Teyssier.

Erik A. Smith, MS August 2005, A new technique for sampling speleothem organic matter to interpret the carbon isotopic record of Hulu cave, China from 75 to 10.9 ka, Advisor: David Fox.

Jennifer N. Engstrom, MS June 2005, Experimental generation of compositional layering of olivine and pyroxene at elevated pressure and temperature, Advisor: Marc Hirschmann

Mark D. Shapley, PhD June 2005, Geochemistry and paleohydrology of groundwater-dominated lakes of the Ovando Valley, Montana, Advisor: Emi Ito.

Dionysios I. Foustoukos, PhD January 2005, Chemical evolution of submarine hydrothermal systems: the effects of mineral-fluid equilibria on redox, carbon reduction reactions and trace element distribution in mid-ocean ridge vent fluids, Advisor:  Bill Seyfried

M. Aydin Aycenk, MS December 2004, Tectonic evolution of juxtaposed high-pressure and high-temperature rocks in a subduction-collision zone, Turkey, Advisors: Christian Teyssier and Donna Whitney.

Barbara E. Francis, MS December 2004, Marble deformation in the metasedimentary cover of a metamorphic dome, Naxos, Greece, Advisors: Christian Teyssier and Emi Ito

Ryan J. Kerrigan, MS December 2004, The origin of color in lazurite, Advisor: Jim Stout.

Samuel D. Matson, MS December 2004, Evaluation of the use of stable isotopes from turtles, crocodilians, and fish to understand paleoclimates: An example from the Paleocene-Eocene of the Clarks Fork Basin, Wyoming, Advisor: David Fox

Benjamin A. Sheets, PhD December 2004, Assembling the alluvial stratigraphic record: spatial and temporal sedimentation patterns in experimental alluvial systems, Advisor: Chris Paola

Rebecca B. Thomas, PhD December 2004, U-Series disequilibria in subduction zones: a study of the Central American Arc from central Costa Rica to northern Nicaragua, Advisor:  Larry Edwards

Sara B. Mueller, MS November 2004, A two thousand year diatom-inferred salinity record from Devils Lake, North Dakota, Advisors: Mark Edlund and Dan Engstrom

Chad A. Wittkop, PhD October 2004, Paleoenvironmental reconstruction using laminated sediments containing authigenic carbonate minerals, Advisor:  Tom Johnson

Carolyn A. Dykoski, MS September 2004, A record of abrupt climate events and Asian monsoon variability for the last 16, 000 years, Advisor: Larry Edwards

Qingsong Liu, PhD August 2004, Pedogenesis and its effects on the natural remanent magnetization acquisition history of the Chinese loess, Advisors:  Subir Banerjee and Michael Jackson

Diego A. Riveros-Iregui, MS August 2004, The role of hydrologic pathways and biogenic methane in the Sarita Wetland, St. Paul, Minnesota, Advisor:  Calvin Alexander Jr.

Saswata Hier-Majumder, PhD June 2004, On kinetics of matter transport in solid-fluid aggregates, Advisor: David Kohlstedt

Suzanne C.C. Magdalene, PhD June 2004, From field to stream: rapid runoff through agricultural tile drainage systems within the Minnesota River Basin, Advisor: Calvin Alexander Jr.

Randall C. Mikolai, MS June 2004, Plan C, Advisor: Calvin Alexander Jr.

Ye Zhang, MS June 2004, Geostatistical analysis of the Jurassic Tank prototype experimental deposits, Advisor:  Mark Person

France Lagroix, PhD April 2004, Contributions from rock magnetism to central Alaskan loess deposits and titanium rich compositions of the hematite-ilmenite solid solution series, Advisor:  Subir Banerjee