A History of the Falls

An Overview

The Retreat of the Falls

The Dakota, Ojibwe, and First European

The Founding of the Twin Cities


The Eastman Tunnel Collapse

Flour Milling


Other Industries and Workers

Rebirth, Renewal, and Return

The Falls and the University

Islands in the River



A History of Saint Anthony Falls


Virtual Tour

This site hosts two virtual tours. One is a simple powerpoint presentation of the falls area with pictures and sign text to help elementary school students to complete their version of the tour without the cost of travelling to the falls. This is a link to the PDF version of that powerpoint:

Elementary School Virtual Tour:

The Saint Anthony Falls Virtual Tour (4.57 Megabytes)

Free Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Download Site

The second vitrual tour corresponds with the walking tour without questions. It features photographs of the area and the same information that you would find in the packet. The map below allows you to click on a site and "see it." Below is a list of the sites for those who are interested in finding a specific building. This tour will only give you a small amount of history of each of the many sites that surround the Falls.

However, please remember that the virtual world is no substitute for the real world. We encouage you to visit the falls area to enhance your understanding of its history and the role it played in developing Minnesota.

Map from Google Maps.

Tour Contents