Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth & Environmental Sciences Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Mission and Vision

The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment in which all individuals feel valued, respected, personally safe, and treated fairly. By supporting all members with equitable opportunities to thrive, we enhance our research, teaching, and community through open interchange of ideas, views, and experiences.

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Committee Members

  • Members of the UMN ESCI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion CommitteeAaron Hirsch (postdoctorate)
  • Kathryn Hobart (graduate student)
  • Morgan Johnstone (undergraduate student)
  • Elizabeth Lundstrom (research staff)
  • John McDaris (graduate student)
  • Jackie Mejia (postdoctorate)
  • Vera Pospelova (faculty)
  • Cara Santelli (chair - faculty)
  • Riley Schmitter (undergraduate student)
  • Andy Wickert (faculty)


Committee Goals and Activities


  • Develop a departmental climate that expands our ability to attract great students, support them to graduation, and prepare them for their future.
  • Foster a more welcoming and inclusive departmental climate for all Earth & Environmental Science students, staff, and faculty.


  • Coming Soon!                                                                                                                                                               


Resources Related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
- University of Minnesota Resources -

 - Professional Society Resources -

- General Resources -

InTeGrate: Why Focus On Diversity?
ADVANCEgeo Partnership: Community Resources - A collection of information about issues important to workpace climate: bullying and harrassment, training, responding to hostile behaviors, and more.
SAGE 2YC: Broadening Participation through Diversity and Inclusion
InTeGrate: Increase the Diversity of your Graduates
Teach the Earth: Broadening Participation in the Geosciences
Scientific American: Why Don’t the Geosciences Have More Diversity?
Science: On Imposter Syndrome
Bernard, R.E. & Cooperdock, E.H.G. (2018). No progress on diversity in 40 years.  Nature Geoscience, 11, 292–295.

- Topical Resources -

Implicit/Unconscious Bias

Project Implicit: identify your implicit associations with tests for 14 different categories
Science: Consciously Combating Unconscious Bias
SAGE Musings: Addressing Implicit Bias in STEM

Gender and Sexuality

Guide to Preferred Gender Pronouns
How to be a Male Ally to Women in STEM (video)
EOS: Data Illuminate a Mountain of Molehills Facing Women Scientists 
Nature Geoscience: Gender imbalance in US geoscience academia
National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP)

Persons with Disabilities

EOS: Fostering Accessibility in Geoscience Training Programs
Speaking of Geoscience: Overcoming our ideas about disability in the Geosciences
STEMM Disability Advisory Committee (UK but with good resources)
The International Association for Geoscience Diversity (IAGD)