Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Computer Resources

Computer Resources


Welcome to the Earth Sciences Departmental Computer Resources page. Here lists all the resources available to faculty and students.  


  • Computer lab:

Our Computer lab is located in room 108 Tate Hall and consists of 9 computers: 9 Voyager Desktops with Windows 7.


  • Data Storage (Subject to Change):

5GB online file storage is available to all Univeristy of Minnesota faculty and students via NetFiles. If you need more space for research, access to the University of Minnesota's Active Directory (UMNAD) file server can be arranged by contacting ESCI IT support.


  • Faxing:

Faxing is available through the print/copy/fax machine located in the mailroom (room 150-08).  If you need assitance with using the fax aspect of this machine, please consult with the front desk. 


  • Printing:

Our lab has both black & white and color printers available for free printing and supports both simplex and duplex printing. Faculty and students who would like to print from personal laptops or other devices can be arranged by contacting OIT Support.


Poster Printing is also available. Faculty and students interested in printing a poster must complete a form to request printing through CSE Print in advance.  All posters carry a $5.00 flat-rate charge for ink and then vary in further price depending on the size and material being used. Please consult the form for more information. Posters are charged to an EFS account number, please see your advisor regarding this number. 


A copier is available in the Mail Room, room 108. Contact OIT Support for access to the copier, if needed for teaching purposes. 


  • Scanning:

            Scanning is also available in our computer lab (room 108) and the mail room (room 150-08).


  • Software (Subject to Change):

Our lab computers offers many software for faculty and student use. Software installed are: Adobe CS4 Suite (We are in the progress of upgrading to Adobe InDesign CS6 Suite), ArcGIS 10.1 with Service Pack 1, Geochemist's Workbench 9.0, Matlab 2012b, Microsoft Office Professional 2010, and Origin 8.1.


The Earth Sciences department has licensing for the following software: ArgGIS, Matlab (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix), Microsoft Office Professional 2010 (Windows and MacOSX), and Origin. Access to these software are available If you have a University-owned computer in the Department. Other software may also be available upon request, contact ESCI IT for more information regarding software.


The University of Minnesota reccomends the usage of Symantect Endpoint, which is a free downloadable antivirus software available to all University of Minnesota faculty and students. This software can be downloaded via the University of Minnesota's Office of Information Technology's (OIT) website. 


  • Support:

Computer related problems? The Office of Information Technology (OIT Support) would love to help!  You may contact OIT by phone at 612-301-4357 or by e-mail at