Research: MESMO

MESMO: Minnesota Earth System Model for Ocean biogeochemistry
Based on GENIE-1, MESMO is able to match the data-based estimates of CFC-11 and anthropogenic carbon inventories in the ocean within uncertainty. It also reproduces the observed radiocarbon abundance in the deep ocean. In the dynamical ocean model, there are 16 vertical levels on a 36 x 36 equal area horizontal grid. In addition, there are energy-moisture balance model of the atmosphere and dynamic-thermodynamic model of sea ice. Ocean production occurs in the two layers within the top 100m and has dependence on, among other factores, the diagnosed mixed layer depth. See Matsumoto et al. (20082013) for description of MESMO.


This simulation illustrates seasonal variation of sea ice coverage, the depth of the mixed layer, oceanic pCO2 and export primary production over the course of 1 year. Note the variable scale of the Mixed layer depth panel.