Prospective Members

We welcome new members with interests in ocean and large lake biogeochemical cycles and their interaction with global and regional climate.  See Research to get a sense of possible topics.  You may also pursue your own feasible ideas.  Our preferred tools are numerical modeling (forward and inverse) and data analysis.


Prospective postdoc associates should contact K. Matsumoto for possible openings. A desirable applicant is motivated and mature, has at least one publication based on numerical modeling, and good communication skills.


Prospective graduate students should contact K. Matsumoto for opportunites. Should have had college level physics, chemistry, and math (calculus or higher). Familiarity with unix/Linux, geology, and biology is helpful.


An ideal REU summer intern has had college level math (calculus or higher), physics, chemistry, biology, and Earth science. Familiarity with unix/Linux is not necessary.


Interested undergraduate students at UMN should contact K. Matsumoto. The amount of available time and interest will help identify feasible research projects.