Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Our lab is ready to host a number of undergraduate research projects; many of these could become undergraduate thesis, master's, or possibly even PhD projects with enough effort and broadening of their scope.

Please feel free to contact us about additional project ideas that you may have.

Field instrumentation

  • Calibration of low-cost soil moisture sensors
  • Data logger assembly and testing
  • Development of a guidebook for inexpnsive environmental sensors
  • Graphical User Interface development
  • Snow-water-equivalent measurements
  • Turbidity sensor development and construction

Past glaciation

  • Mapping past lakes and wetlands
  • Mapping and geochronology glacial features in the Twin Cities and broader state of Minnesota

River system evolution

    • Laboratory assistance with physical experiments
    • River terrace mapping and interpretation in the Mississippi, Minnesota, and St. Croix River valleys
    • River long profile analysis along the North Shore of Lake Superior

    As the group was founded in September 2015, most (but not all) funding opportunities are pending successful research grant applications