Person Name

Andy Wickert
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. 2014 University of Colorado Boulder
S.B. 2008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Graduate Students

Person Name

Kerry Callaghan
Ph.D. Candidate
B.S. 2011 from University of Praetoria

M.S. 2014 from Stellenbosch University

Glacial-stage hydrology, terrestrial water storage, surface-water computation

Person Name

Jabari Jones
Ph.D. Student

M.S. 2018 from Utah State University
B.A. 2015 from Carleton College

Geomorphic response to climate and land-use change

Person Name

Max van Wyk de Vries
Ph.D. Student (co-advised with Emi Ito)

B.Sc. 2018 from the University of Edinburgh

Deglaciation, isostatic adjustment, and paleolimnology in southern Patagonia

Shanti Penprase
Ph.D. Student
B.A. 2016 from Carleton College

Glacial, fluvial, and tectonic geomorphology; Quaternary geochronology


Leah Nelson
M.S. Student (co-advised with primary advisor G.-H. Crystal Ng)
B.A. 2015 from Carleton College

Tropical glaciers and water resources

Bobby Schulz
M.S. Student (co-advised with primary advisor Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos)
B.S. 2017 from the University of Minnesota

Environmental Instrumentation



Undergraduate Students

Evan Grove
B.S. Student (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Environmental Instrumentation






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Visiting Scientists


Person Name

Andrea Prichard
Visiting Research Scientist

M.S. 2012, Universidad Mayor de San Simón
M.A. 2011, University of Arizona
B.A. 2004, Oberlin College

Climate and water resources
















Former group members




Person Name

Sara Savi
Visiting postdoctoral research scientist from the Universität Potsdam

Alluvial fans and tributary interactions at SAFL

Now: Postdoctoral researcher at the Universität Potsdam

Person Name

Steffi Tofelde
Visiting doctoral student from the Universität Potsdam

Fluvial terrace formation at SAFL

Now: Lecturer at the Universität Potsdam

Person Name

Libby Witte
Undergraduate student researcher, 2016-2017

Experimental fluvial geomorphology

Now: AmeriCorps

Person Name

Keenen Francois-King
Undergraduate student researcher, 2017

GPS to measure snow-water equivalent

Lauren Michael
michaell@carleton (dot) edu
Visiting undergraduate researcher from Carleton College, 2017

Global paleolakes

Fiona Clubb
Postdoctoral Researcher
Ph.D. 2017 University of Edinburgh
B.Sc. 2013 University of Edinburgh

River-terrace analysis in the upper Mississippi valley

Now: Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Durham University

Ethan Kurak
Undergraduate student researcher, 2016-2018

River terraces

Now: M.S. Student, Lehigh University

Olivia Beaulieu
M.S. Student
B.S. 2015 from University of Massachusetts Amherst

Fluvial geomorphology

Now: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England Divsion

Chad Sandell
Lab engineer
B.S. 2007 University of Minnesota

Maker of many things

Now: Design Engineer, Ironwood Electronics

Rachel McLaughlin
M.S. Student (co-advised; primary advisor is Crystal Ng)
B.S. 2012 from Macalester College

Hydrology and water resources on Chimborazo Volcano, Ecuador

Now: Staff Hydrogeologist - PES Environmental, Inc.

Shane Loeffler
M.S. Student (co-advised; primary advisor is Amy Myrbo)
B.S. 2015 from University of Minnesota Duluth

Flyover Country

Now: Cartographer and Web Developer, Polar Geospatial Center

Beth Fisher


Beth Fisher
Friendly Neighborhood Scientist

Ph.D. 2016 University of Minnesota
B.S. 1999 University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Iron mineral chemistry and open-source monitoring for phosphorous removal in stormwater

Now: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Geology, Minnesota State University, Mankato