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AGU 2003 Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA (12/08-12/12)
"Channel Patterns as the Result of Self-Organization Within the Flow-Sediment-Vegetation System"
— Tal, M., Paola, C., and Tilman, L.

"Efficacy of two Measures of Relative Sea Level in Predicting Stratal Geometry and Surface Morphology in an Experiment with Varying Base Level"
— Strong, N., Sheets, B. Kim, W., Kelberer, M, and Paola, C.

"Continental-Margin Response to Sea Level: Theory and Experiment"
— Swenson, J., Paola, C., Sheets, B. Strong, N., Kim, W., and Pratson, L.

2003 Group Retreat !! (11/14-11/16)
U. P., Wisconsin "images"

GSA 2003 Annual Meeting Seattle, Washigton (11/02-11/05)
"Topographic evolution of experimental channel-scale alluvial architecture"
— Sheets, B.A, Kelberer, J.M, Hill, C.S., and Paola, C.

"Experimental study of clinoform dynamics"
— Paola, C., Mohr, J., Martin, J., Swenson, J., Pratson, L., Kim, W., Strong, N., and Sheets, B.

H.E. Wright "Footsteps" Award (05/15/03)
Michal Tal

AAPG 2003 Annual Meeting (05/11-14/03)
"Autogenic Variation in Experimental Depositional Systems: Time and Space Scales, and Response to Allocyclic Forcing"
— Nikki Strong, Wonsuck Kim, Michael Kelberer, Ben Sheets, Chris Paola, Lincoln Pratson

PhD Defense of LES HASBARGEN (05/08/03)
"Erosion in Steady State Drainage Basins"
— Thursday, May 8, 2003
— 8:30 a.m., Pillsbury Hall, 105

SAFL Seminar (04/16/03)
Michal Tal

EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly, Nice, France (04/6-11/03)
Poster: "An experimental study at basin scale of valley incision and associated deposition during base-level fluctuations"
Strong, N.; Fedele, J.J.; Paola, C.; Pratson, L

AAPG Distinguished Lecture (02/18/03)
"Antarctica's Contribution to Eustasy"

John B. Anderson (Rice University)
  February 18, 2003 3:30PM (SAFL Auditorium)

New group members !! (02/14/03)
Juan Jose Fedele (Postdoc)
John Martin (Grad Student and E. S. Consortium Manager)

AGU 2002 Presentations (12/09/02)
"Evolution of valley depth and width during base-level fluctuations"

Strong, N., Sheets, B., Kelberer, M., Kim, W., and Paola, C
— Presentation file

"Erosion Rate Variability in Steady State Landscapes: Sources and Implications"
Hasbargen, L and Paola, C
— Presentation file

Publised - Basin Research (2002) 14, p287-301
"Assembling the stratigraphic record: depositional patterns and time-scales in an experimental alluvial basin",
B.A. Sheets, T.A. Hickson, and C. Paola

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