Barrow's Zones: the classic Barrovian sequence of Scotland

In September 2004, Christine Siddoway (Colorado College) and I set out to do The Zones and to examine the Highland Boundary Fault. Here is a photo tour of our journey. Click on a small photo to see a larger version. If you are interested in Barrovian Sequences in general, you may want to look at a field guide and map of the Dutchess County (NY) Barrovian sequence.

Christine Siddoway, preparing for fieldwork in an Edinburgh cafe

I was not driving when I took this picture

The door to the very beginning of the Barrovian sequence along the Glen Esk River

"Sedimentary" rocks near the Highland Boundary Fault

Sometimes even rocks like to be alone

The Chlorite Zone, along the Glen Esk River

The Biotite Zone, along the Glen Esk River

Biotite Zone

Garnet Zone (with view to the staurolite zone in the distance)

The hike up to the staurolite zone

The Staurolite Zone

The hike down from the staurolite zone

The Kyanite Zone Kyanite in the kyanite zone The Sillimanite Zone Deeper into the Sillimanite Zone
Sillimanite Zone, with view down the valley to the lower grade zones Sillimanite Zone ruin Sillimanite Zone near Glen Clova

Treacherous sucking bog that must be traversed to reach the sillimanite zone at Glen Clova

Sillimanite Zone at Glen Clova Sillimanite Zone cirque (or corrie or cwm) and meandering stream at Glen Clova The best non-geological nature photo I have ever taken

My best photo of the ubiquitous but elusive grouse

Near Stonehaven, where the Highland Boundary Fault intersects the coast Near the Highland Boundary Fault, outcrop on beach