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CD-CAT is a 5-year (2011-16) project funded by the National Science Foundation, and has the main goal of investigating the surface-to-mantle dynamics of Anatolia (Turkey) during the transition from collision to escape tectonics in the Cenozoic.

Major questions are:

We are integrating results from many different methods: passive seismic experiments (2-years - see map for proposed sites), magnetotelluric profiling; geomorphic, structural, and stratigraphic-sedimentological analysis of surface geology and exhumed orogenic crust; geo-thermochronometric determination of temperature-time histories of magmatic, metamorphic, and fault zone rocks, basins, and geomorphic markers; isotopic fingerprinting and dating of magmatic rocks; and 2D and 3D numerical modeling.

This project also involves the education and training of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers; international collaboration among researchers in the US, Turkey, Canada, Germany, and Australia; and acquisition of data relevant to understand seismic and volcanic hazards.