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James Stout


Tate Hall, 385-11



James H. Stout

Emeritus Professor
PhD, 1970, Harvard University 


Research Interests


I am basically a geologist by training and I believe combinations of field, experimental and theoretical approaches are most likely to provide the best answers to geologic problems. My research interests have evolved over the last decade from traditional petrologic studies of igneous and metamorphic rocks to the more general problem of how such rocks once formed at depth find their way back to the Earth’s surface. A specific example is the origin of exotic blocks of eclogite, peridotite and other subduction-related rocks now in a deformed sedimentary matrix that could never have been deeper than a few kilometers.

Solutions to this problem and others require a multidisciplinary approach that draws on the tools of theoretical petrology, materials science, rate studies and even the physics of particulate matter. Field observations in Labrador and more recently in the mélange terranes of California, Oregon and the Caribbean remain a key part of my approach. Other on-going projects include the application of electron microprobe and various solution models to better understand oxide-silicate equilibria in granulite facies rocks in Labrador. A parallel study focuses on calc-silicate equilibria at different levels in the crust. Field areas for the latter include granulites from the lower crust in New Zealand and contact skarns around Tertiary intrusives in Colorado.

Courses Taught

  • The Dynamic Earth: Intro to Geology
  • Earth Materials
  • Volcanoes of the Earth
  • Solid Earth Dynamics
  • Freshman Seminar


Supervised Graduatet Theses Recently Completed

  • Korhonen, F.J., 2006. An investigation into the Tectonometamorphic Evolution of the Wilson Lake Terrane, Eastern Grenville Province. PhD thesis, 282 p.
  • Kerrigan, R.J., 2004. The origin of color in lazurite from Italian Mountain, Colorado and other localities. M.S. thesis, 77 p.

Selected Publications

  • Korhonen, F.J., and Stout, J.H., 2005, Undeformed kyanite- and borosilicate-bearing veins from the Grenville Province of Labrador: Evidence for rapid uplift, Journal of Metamorphic Geology, v. 23, p.297-312
  • Korhonen, F.J., and J.H. Stout, 2004, Structure and Petrology of the Leading Edge of the Wilson Lake Terrane, Central Labrador: Current Research (2004) Newfoundland Dept. of Mines and Energy Geological Survey Report 04-1, pp. 157-170.
  • Korhonen, F.J., and J.H. Stout, 2004, Low Variance Sapphirine-Bearing assemblages from Wilson Lake, Grenville Province of Labrador: In Tollo, R. P, Corriveau, L., Mclelland, J., and Bartholomew, N.J., eds., Proterozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Grenville Orogen in North America: Geological Society of America Memoir no. 197, pp. 81-103.
  • Edelman, P.H., S.W. Peterson, V. Reiner, and J.H. Stout, 2003, Geochemical Phase Diagrams and Gale Diagrams: SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics, vol. 64 pp. 231-259.
  • *Kletetschka, G. and Stout, J.H. (1999) Stability analysis of invariant points using Euler spheres, with an application to FMAS granulites. Jour. Metamorphic Geology 17, 435-448.
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  • *Zhu, D., Stout, J.H., *Nelson, J.C., and Shores, D.A. (1997) The influence of yttrium on the interfacial fracture resistance of oxide films on Ni-25%Cr alloy systems.Materials Sci. Forum, 254: 437-449.
  • *Zhu, D., Stout, J.H. and Shores, D.A. (1997) Determination of stress gradients in a thermally grown oxide layer using x-ray diffraction. Materials Sci. Forum, 251: 333-348.
  • *Goedjen, J.G., Shores, D.A. and Stout, J.H. (1997) In-situ strain measurements in the Ni/NiO system during high temperature oxidation. Materials Sci. & Engineering,A22: 58-69.


Recent Honors and Awards


  • 2009, Horace T. Morse-Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education
  • Fellow, Mineralogical Society of America