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2015 FORC Workshop - Publication of Workshop Papers

2015 First Order Reversal Curve (FORC) Workshop

July 23-24, 2015

A Research Symposia and Hands-On Training

on the Use of FORCs to Characterize Magnetic Materials




Publication of Workshop Papers 

Participants in the 2015 First Order Reversal Curve Workshop are strongly encouraged to submit short papers about their research to "IEEE Magnetics Letters."  

Participants may submit their four-page articles (whether contributed or invited by the conference) for publication in IEEE Magnetics Letters <> before or after the workshop. The deadline for submission is 31 August 2015. If you are giving an invited talk, your four-page submission should not be a review. Rather, it should contain mostly new results, as is appropriate for a letters journal. A Microsoft Word template is available <>

The manuscript submission website can be found at is

Important: Authors should select "FORC - First Order Reversal Curve Workshop (Magnetic Hysteresis)" as the Manuscript Subject. 

The regular editorial staff at IML will handle the reviews and use the normal acceptance criteria. Thus, this is not simply a publishing of a meeting's "proceedings." If accepted, articles will be published on-line immediately after peer-review in preprint form and several weeks later as fully edited and typeset. Each paper will have its own article number and date of publication. Workshop papers will all be grouped together in the table of contents (under "Magnetic Hysteresis") based on article number. 

Each article will have a footnote, "First Order Reversal Curve (FORC) Workshop, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 23-24 July 2015."

Participants can download a sample conference-related article at <> (note the footnote on the first page, where the conference is identified). Each article will be "open-access" for anyone for 10 days after publication.

There is no charge for publication.


IEEE Magnetics Letters (IML) is a rapid-publication, primarily electronic, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to magnetics articles of substantial current interest. IML is a publication of the IEEE Magnetics Society. Its scope is the physics and engineering of magnetism, magnetic materials, applied magnetics, design and application of magnetic devices, bio-magnetics, magneto-electronics, and spin electronics. Articles must be current and topical. 

IML is indexed by Science Citation Index (Web of Science), Scopus, SCImago, Inspec, SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts Service), Compendex, CrossRef, Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search, and other services. Beginning in 2015, IML will be included in Journal Citation Reports (applied physics category). 

IML uses a dedicated editorial review board and a selected pool of reviewers in order to guarantee rapid decisions. Letters may be up to four pages in length. They have a modern design, easy-to-read typeface, and full color. There are no page charges. 

Members of the Magnetics Society have free on-line access. A black-and-white annual compilation is printed and mailed to print subscribers. For a fee, authors have the option of making their articles freely available under "open access." 

IML is part of IEEE’s electronic and print subscription packages purchased by libraries all over the world, which makes the journal easily accessible to readers. Institutions may order individual subscriptions to IML at very reasonable prices. 

Current Statistics (January 2015)

Average time from submission to decision: 2 weeks 

Average time from submission to publication: 3 weeks 

Article acceptance ratio: 30%