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The University of Minnesota ranks #24 in the 2018 Nature Index International Ranking of the Top 200 Earth and Environmental Sciences Institutions in the World.


Nature Index released a list of leading institutions, both government and academic, ranked by their fractional count (FC) in Earth and Environmental Sciences from 2015 to 2017.  The University of Minnesota ranks #24  in the 2018 Nature Index International ranking of the top 200 Earth and Environmental Sciences institutions in the world.


For US state universities in the list, we are #8, and one of only two (with the University of Michigan) in the top 30 of the international list. We are also ranked #17 on the Top 20 institutions in Earth & Environmental Sciences in North America and #17 in the Top 200 academic institutions in Earth & Environmental Sciences.


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Olivia Beaulieu

M.S. Thesis

Advisor: Andrew Wickert


July 26th, 2018

10am- 11am

401-20 Tate Hall

Title: A Look at Landsliding Statistics from a Physical Experiment





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