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Give to the Max with Earth and Environmental Sciences




Give to the Max day is this Thursday, Nov. 14th. Join the state of Minnesota in giving to the max and help support our future geoscientists. This year the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences is asking for donations to help provide financial assistance to our students who enroll in our “Standards and Practices for Professional Geoscientists” course, which aims to provide practical training for students seeking employment in nonacademic settings, including the groundwater and environmental consulting industry. 


Critical course activities include taking the ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology professional licensure exam (application fee $250) and completing the OSHA-required 40 hour HAZWOPER training (cost $425). These activities give students an important edge when applying for jobs, but require a hefty course fee of $675 per student. This is a significant and somewhat prohibitive cost for many of our students. The department helps offset these costs and fees through donation support provided by faculty, staff, alumni, and the community to ensure our students receive the training needed for a successful start to their careers. Please help support our future geoscientists and donate today.



Why choose Earth and Environmental Sciences?!

Interested in pursuing an academic career in Earth Sciences? Hear from two current students about why they choose Earth Sciences and what they like about our program!



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New Undergraduate Degree Option in Environmental Geoscience



The Department of Earth Sciences is pleased to announce that we will be offering a new degree option for our undergraduate students in Environmental Geosciences. Students may choose to pursue a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) or a Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) in Environmental Geosciences. We hope that this new degree option will open various opportunities for our students in a growing career field, preparing them to work in various areas including environmental consulting firms, as well as, federal, state, and nonprofit agencies.


For more information, please contact Dr. Joshua Feinberg at:

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