Department of Earth Sciences
Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth Sciences



This year's GeoClub field trip was in Argentina and was led by Assistant Professor Andy Wickert.  From May 22 to June 1st, the group of 17 students visited geological features in and near Salta, Tilcara, and Buenos Aires. 


In the Puna de Atacama and the Altiplano, evaporation and lack of rainfall have allowed
for the formation of large salt flats filled with evaporites.


























Front row, left to right: Janine Andrys, Sasha Ryan, Collette Wilfong, Libby Witte, Ethan Kurak, Morgan Monz, Troy Zimmerman. 
Middle row, left to right: Marissa Mahoney, Andy Wickert.
Back row, left to right: Claire Thompson, Anne Gapinski, Jessica Scholz, Peter Schroedl, Jackie Smale, Willa Samuelson, Matthew Chatterton, Garrett Diedrich, John Swiecichowski.







Atmospheric conditions on campus now