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"Dinosaurs and Our World" named as one of the "Top Ten Coolest Classes at the U of MN


Dr. Kirkby with Replica Allosaurus Skull


The class "Dinosaurs and Our World" has been named one of the top ten coolest classes students can take at the U of MN by OneClass, a Canadian startup.  The class takes students on a journey from the Mesozoic Era and the time of the dinosaurs to the evolution of our ecosystem and the world we live in today.  To learn more about the class, check out CSE's Article about ESCI 1003. 



Congratulations to our Graduates

We would like to extend congratulations to all of our graduates for the academic year 2017-2018.  We are very proud of your accomplishments and know you will go on to achieve great things!




Undergraduates Graduates


Walter Biglow, B.S.

Jacob Donlin, B.S.

Andrew Hayes, B.S.

Kate Kleinman, B.S.

Ethan Kurak, B.S.

Jack Lange, B.S.

Marissa Mahoney, B.S.

Kelly McKeough, B.S.

Paige Melse, B.S.

Collin Murphy, B.S.

Edward Pencak, B.S.

Nathan Pukal, B.S.

Christian Reynolds, B.S.

Blaise Villaume, B.S.

Megan Wang, B.S.



Olivia Beaulieu, M.S.

Akemi Berry, M.S.

Christie Cino, M.S.

Colleen Hoffman, Ph.D

Michelle LaGarde, M.S.

Shane Loeffler, M.S.

Rachel Mclaughlin, M.S.

Cameron Meyers, Ph.D.

Julia Nissen, M.S.

Liz Roepke, M.S.

Michele Stillinger, Ph.D.







Congratulations to Dr. Josh Feinberg on receiving a GSA Fellowship!



Congratulations to Dr. Josh Feinberg on being elected to a GSA Fellowship to the Geological Society of America! As a GSA Fellow, Josh will continue to engage with the GSA community, help shape the Society, and inspire the next generation of geoscientists! Congratulations, Josh! Thank you for your commitment to the community of geoscience!


Earth Sciences Spring Awards


Congratulations to all of our wonderful students who received a scholarship, award, and/or fellowship today, April 26th, at our annual Spring Awards Potluck.  You may find a list of awards and awardees here.


Pictured left to right- Front row: David Birlenbach, Morgan Monz, Clem Hamelin, Jen Caseres, Kathryn Hobart, Evan Whiting, Hwaju Lee, Mary Sabuda, Natalie Raia, Jen Taylor, and Patricia Kang


Back row: Morgan Johnstone, Kerry Callaghan, Willa Samuelson, Trey Brink , Fernando Medina Ferrer, Josh Torgeson, Noah Slade, and Max Longchamp


Not Pictured: Rachel French, Natasha Peterson, Kayla Nelson, Francis Gibson, Michelle Qian, Emily Erhart, Hanna Blatchford, Leila Saberi, and Sunny Qin


Congratulations to Sharon Kressler on Receiving the President's Award for Outstanding Service!


Photo of Sharon Kressler
Congratulations to Sharon Kressler on receiving the President's Award for Outstanding Service. Sharon has been with the Department of Earth Sciences for 22 years, during which she has provided exceptional service and support to faculty, staff and students. She shows a deep passion and dedication to the department and everyone in it. We greatly appreciate all the amazing work that she does! Congratulations Sharon!



College of Science and Engineering Inventing Tomorrow: Institute of Rock Magnetism

Dr. Feinberg, Dr. Moskowitz, and Dr. Andrea Biedermann working together in the IRM

Pictured Left to Right: Professor Josh Feinberg, Dr. Andrea Biedermann, and Professor Bruce Moskowitz


The College of Science and Engineering (CSE) just released the latest issue of Inventing Tomorrow, a magazine featuring the great things happening in CSE. In this issue, CSE showcases our wonderful team in the Institute of Rock Magnetism, delving into their scientific, education, and service mission, as well as how the IRM came to be, and more. You can view the article here or the magazine in full here. The magazine is published quarterly and is now available fully online.




Atmospheric conditions on campus now