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Department of Earth Sciences Shared Rooms/Research Resources


Undergraduate Lounge (Tate B15)

Computer Room (Tate 108)

  • Computers, printers, scanners. Note that the poster printer is being relocated to Keller Hall, where it will be managed by the CSE-IT group. Please fill out this form to request poster printing.


ESCI Server Room 

  • Use of this is coordinated through CSE-IT staff and the department computer committee (Justin, Katsumi, Max, Beverly).


Teaching Labs and other Resources

  • Tate 160 - Dinosaur Evolution ESCO1003, From Microbes to Mammoths ESCI 1007
  • Tate 170 - Solid Earth Dynamics ESCI 2201, Earth History ESCI 2202, Earth Surface Dynamics ESCI 2203,Fluid Earth Dynamics ESCI 3202, Geochemical Principles ESCI 3303W, General Hydrogeology ESCI 4702
  • Tate 180 - Mineralogy ESCI 2301, Petrology ESCI 2302, Structural Geology ESCI 4501, Sedimentology/Stratigraphy ESCI 4602
  • Tate 185 - Cinema and Geology ESCI 1005, Oceanography ESCI 1006
  • Winchell Reading Room (Tate 375)
    • This room is for quiet study. 
  • Office Hour/Tutoring Room: (Tate 401-07) 
    • TAs and instructors can schedule their office hours here, or meet here with students outside of office hours, so as not to disturb officemates in the group offices. This is not an office or meeting room for uses other than tutoring/office hours. No one should store anything in this room other than resources related to classes (for example, review materials, textbooks). At some point soon we will work on organizing/scheduling this room for the fall semester so that office hours for different classes can be posted.
  • Student-Staff-Faculty Common Room (Tate 401-08)
    • Lunch/break/bagel-hour/tea-coffee etc. room for all.  This is not an extra office or formal meeting room, and it is not a store room except for items related to its primary use -- a space similar to the 'common room' part of Pillsbury 100.
  • Rock Shop (Tate S50)
    • ​R​ock saws, crushers, thin section equipment, polishing, etc.  Adjacent to Mark Griffith's Machine Shop.
  • Mud Room (Tate S78)
    • The mudroom exists so that field trips/work involving returning non-clean equipment and personnel can hose off and dry off before venturing further into the building. Some items can be stored short-term while drying, but it is not a storage room. It is the responsibility of everyone using this room to keep it clean. Items left in this room for more than a few days are subject to removal/disposal.
  • Sedimentology Lab (Tate S80)
  • Fume Hood Lab (Tate S93)
    • This room was included at the request of faculty who need occasional or non-intensive use of a fume hood and are willing to share a facility. There are two hoods in this room, each with a specific purpose regarding what chemicals can be used. It is extremely important that everyone using this room have the necessary chemical and safety training, is aware of what chemicals are in use in the room, and has sufficient expertise to know which fume hood to use and how to keep them clean and safe. Although Scott Alexander (department safety officer) can help with resources and general questions, faculty advisors are responsible for ensuring that their students, postdocs, and others use this facility correctly and safely.  We will be developing protocols for organizing and tracking use of this room.
  • X-Ray Diffraction Lab (S99)
    • Use coordinated through Scott Alexander and Jessica Heck.  Supplemental safety training required.