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EARTH SCIENCE - not just a pretty rock collection

Degrees offered in Earth Science

Minor Programs

Honors Programs

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to work with individual faculty members and their research groups. Funding can come from a faculty member's research grant or students can apply for funding from the University. To see what areas of research might interest you and read about the U's funding:

Scholarship Opportunities

There are some funding opportunities for geology and geophysics majors to help defray the cost of educational expenses. This list is not exhaustive, please feel free to search for other sources of funding.

Advising/Contact Information

University of Minnesota Geological Society (a.k.a. GeoClub)

There is an official student organization for geo students. Other than social activities, this group raises money for the yearly spring field trip. See the GeoClub website and join the group's Facebook page.

Listing of Earth Sciences Courses

Internship Opportunities

Outside the University, there are opportunities for undergraduates to gain research experience through summer internship programs. Listed here are just a few, please feel free to search for other internship opportunities.

Careers in the Geosciences