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"Progressive development of the Mexican fold-and-thrust belt, as recorded in folds, faults, veins, clay minerals and stable isotopes." This study was the basis of Elisa Fitz-Diaz's thesis, and may be continued...

“Hydration of mantle rocks in shear zones” This project involves fieldwork on an oceanic paleo-transform shear zone exposed on the Bogota Peninsula of New Caledonia as well as laboratory experimental work (high-temperature shearing of hydrated olivine in torsion).

“Neo-Tethys closure and oroclinal bending in the Lesser Caucasus (Armenia and Georgia)” more information about this project

“Colliding channels (of partial melt) and double domes (of migmatite): an investigation of the mechanisms of 'double dome' formation in the Montagne Noire dome, France” more information about this project.

“(Ultra)high-pressure rocks (eclogite) have been partially transformed to gneiss, in part by partial melting, Western Gneiss Region, Norway” more information about this project

“Metabasalt bodies exposed within migmatite in the Central Norway Basement Window, north of the Møre-Trøndelag Fault Zone, Roan peninsula, Norway” more information about this project

“(Ultra)high-pressure rocks (eclogite) have been partially transformed to gneiss, in part by partial melting, Western Gneiss Region, Norway” more information about this project

"Lawsonite Veins as Recorders of Subduction Fluids" more information about this project

Continental Dynamics – Central Anatolian Tectonics (CD-CAT project) more information about this project

Entia Dome, central Australia. This project is part of the larger effort to understand the modes of emplacement of gneiss domes in the core of orogens. The Entia Dome is a double dome reminiscent of the lobes of a brain; we are studying the flow of rocks inside the domes using structural and metamorphic geology. more information about this project

Fosdick Mountains, Antarctica. This project involves structural and metamorphic studies of the Fosdick gneiss dome, Marie Byrd Land; based on field and geochronologic work we defined the timing and mode of emplacement of this Cretaceous migmatite dome accommodated by detachment shear zone zone (Christine Siddoway on icy slope).

Polochic Fault, Guatemala. Together with the Motagua Fault, the Polochic Fault defines the plate boundary between the North American and Caribbean plates. This project explores the active and neotectonics of this plate boundary using tectonic geomorphology and trenching (Christine Authemayou, U. of Brest, France, for scale)

"The STAMP group is (mostly) located in Pillsbury Hall, with some labs in other buildings nearby. At UMN we do sample preparation, microprobe/EBSD analyses, experimental deformation, fission-track analysis, modeling of various sorts, and of course have group meetings (and fondue)."

Cooling and exhumation of the Idaho batholith. This research is part of a collaborative effort to understand the evolution and modification of the western margin of North America during Cretaceous time. The project includes geophysics, structures/tectonics, geo- and thermochronology. Learn more about the IDOR EarthScope project.

Hendry's Creek section (northern Snake Range) of mylonitic quartzite and interlayered garnet-staurolite schist that is progressively retrogressed upward toward the detachment fault. On this photo, the non-metamorphic carbonate hanging wall is exposed as a dark knob that makes the top of the small hill on the right side of the photo. more information about this project

Migmatite domes in the Thor-Odin and Valhalla core compexes, showing rugged topography; eastern slope of Thor-Odin is dip slope of the E-dipping Columbia River detachment shear zone. Okanogan migmatites are in the immediate footwall of the W-dipping Okanogan detachment shear zone. more information about this project




Main STAMP Research Themes:



Slab-mantle interface in subduction zones


Continental subduction and UHP terranes


Crustal Melting and Orogeny


Fluids in detachment systems


The tectonics of Anatolia


"Crystal Tectonics"