Prospective Graduate Students

Currently, our group is seeking applications from potential graduate students with interests fall into three broad categories:

Field instrumentation

  • Developing, producing, and deploying new open-source data logger and sensor technologies
  • Development of a robust, open-source weather station

Past glaciation

  • Coupling models of glacial runoff, sea level, ice dynamics, and climate
  • Glacial-isostatic adjustment and past ice sheet reconstructions

River system evolution

    • Fluvial terrace formation and evolution
    • Quaternary history of the Upper Mississippi RIver system
    • Evolution of streams draining to Lake Superior: a natural experiment in base-level fall
    • Improving theory for interactions between climate, land-use, erosion, sediment transport, and river morphodynamics

    As the group was founded in September 2015, most (but not all) funding opportunities are pending successful research grant applications


    Important notes for potential applicants

    1. My hope is for all students in the group to gain skills and confidence in all three major areas of our work:
      • Developing theory / numerical modeling
      • Laboratory research, whether in instrumentation design/development or at SAFL (hydraulics and sediments)
      • Field work, which can range from local projects in river valleys to farther-flung work in remote locations and on glaciers
    2. The University of Minnesota requires these basic requirements; if you have not completed them, you may still apply but will have to complete these classes before you can graduate:
      • 2 semesters of calculus (this means through the end of single-variable)
      • 2 semesters of chemistry (this can sometimes be satisfied with geochemistry as one semester)
      • 2 semesters of physics (typically, this is classical mechanics + E&M)
    3. I expect all students to exceed these requirements in mathematics and computation, and generally expect differential equations, linear algebra, and skills in programming (Python, C/C++, and Fortran)
    4. It is my goal that students in my group become confident, independent-minded, collaborative, and self-aware researchers. This is not a place to be given a task and to do it for several years. This is a place to stretch your imagination and abilities. Sometimes there are funded projects with things that just need to be done, but as much as possible, I want to promote your ability to learn and explore.


    Graduate Student Information

    • [TBD, pending a bit of discussion with the graduate students]