Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Sally Gregory Kohlstedt


375-02 Tate Hall


Program in History of Science and Technology

PhD, 1972, University of Illinois


Curriculum Vitae for Sally Kohlstedt


Research Interests

My primary teaching and research relationship is with the Program of History of Science and Technology, which teaches undergraduate courses but offers only graduate degrees with the History of Medicine ( . My research is at the interface of science with American culture, particularly the practice of science in those institutions where there was a persistent and evident relationship with the larger society. This includes the demographics of scientific activity, including the participation of women and the impact their participation has had on the practice of science, as well as scientific activity at such sites as natural history museums, educational institutions, and popular publications.  I have served on as an officer of Section L and was eleacted to  the Council of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and I also served in several offices, including the presidency, of the History of Science Society.  During my career I have had Fulbright fellowships to Australia and New Zealand, taught at the University of Munich on a faculty exchange, and participated in international workshops, including most recently the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin. For a detailed cv and curriculum information go to

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Professional Society Memberships

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Historical Association
  • Forum on the History of Science in America
  • History of Science Society
  • International Congress for the History of Science
  • Organization of American Historians
  • Society for the History of the Earth Sciences
  • Sigma Xi


Recent Honors and Awards


  • Joseph Hazen Prize for Outstanding Contributions to Education, 2015
  • Ada Comstock Outstanding Woman Scholar, 2011
  • President's Award for Outstanding University Service, 2004
  • Mullen/Spector/Truax Women's Leadership Award, UMN, 2002
  • George Taylor Distinguished Service Award, Institute of Technology, 2000
  • UMN TEL Award: Outstanding Computer Aided Course Project, 1998


Courses Taught

  • 20th Century Science and Technology
  • Science in American Culture
  • Women, Gender, and Science
  • Women in Science: A Historical Perspective
  • Seminar with multiple topics in History of Science and Technology in America

Selected Publications (Books and Articles since 2005)

  • “Creative Niche Scientists: Women Educators in North American Museums, 1880-1930” Centaurus, 55 (May 2013): 153-174.
  • "Museum Percpetions and Productions: American Migrations of a Maori Hei-tiki," Endeavor (2016): 3-17.

  • "Creative Niche Scientists: Women Educators in North American Museums, 1880-1930," Centaurus 55 (May 2013): 153-174.

  • "Science in the American Century: Perspectives on Science, Technology, and Medicine: An Isis Reader, edited with David Kaiser (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013).

  • Europe-Migration-Identity, edited with Jan Logemann and Donna Gabaccia, special issue of National Identities 15 (2013).

  • “Forward: Partnerships in Practice,” in For Better or For Worse:  Collaborative Couples in the Sciences, ed. Annette Lykknes, Donald L. Opitz, and Brigitte Van Tiggelsen (Springer Press, 2012).

  • “Through Books to Nature: Texts and Objects in Nature Study Curricula,” in Science in Print: Essays on the History of Science and the Culture of Print, ed. by Rima D. Apple, Gregory J. Downey, and Stephen L. Vaughn (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2012), pp. 156-179.

  • “Place and Museum Space: The Smithsonian Institution and the America West, 1850-1900”  in Geographies of Nineteenth-Century Science, ed. by David Livingstone and Charles Withers (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2011), pp. 399-437.

  • Teaching Children Science: Hands-On Nature Study in North America, 1890-1930(Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010).

  • Edited, with Maria Rentetzi, “Gender and Networking in Twentieth-Century Physical Sciences,” special issue of Centaurus 51(2009).

  • "A Better Crop of Boys and Girls: The School Gardening Movement, 1890s to the 1920s,” History of Education Quarterly 48 (February 2008): 58-93.

  • "Otis T. Mason's Tour of Europe: Observation and Exchange in Public Museums, 1889," Museum History Journal 2 (2008).

  • “Thoughts in Things: Modernity, History, and North American Museums,” Isis 96 (December, 2006): 586-601.

  • "Masculinity and Animal Display in Nineteenth-Century America," for Figural Vocabularies of Gender in Science, Technology, and Medicine, ed. Bernard Lightman and Ann Shteir (Hanover: New England Press, planned for 2006)

  • "Nature not Books: Scientists and the Origins of the Nature Study Movement in the 1890s," Isis (December 2005)

  • "Patterns of Participation: Women in Science and Technology in the Twentieth Century," National Women's Studies Association Journal 16 (Spring 2004): 1-26.

  • With Paul Brinkman, "Framing Nature: The Formative Years of American Natural History Museum Development" (California Academy of Sciences, Memoirs, 2004)


Recent Research Support

  • NSF, Nature Study in Historical Perspective
  • NSF Conference Grant (co-PI), History of Biological Rhythms
  • UMN Grant in Aid of Research, Exhibitionism in Natural History Museums


Recent Ph.D. Graduate Students

  • Barbara Reiterer, 2015 University of Vienna
  • Joseph Martin 2013 Michigan State University
  • Frazier Benya 2012 National Institute of Medicine
  • Christine Manganaro 2012 Maryland College of Arts
  • Suzanne Fischer 2009  Oakland Museum
  • Gina Rumore 2009 Population Center, University of Minnesota
  • Hung Wood Park 2009 Nanyang Technical University, Singapore
  • Margot Iverson 2007 Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Mary Anne Andrei 2007 Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Susan Rensing 2006 University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh
  • Georgina Montgomery 2005 Michigan State University
  • Paul Brinkman 2005 University of North Carolina
  • Juliet Burba 2005 Bakken Museum
  • Olivia W. Walling 2005 UC Santa Barbara
  • Donald Opitz 2005 Depaul University