Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Summer Field Courses

Field camp updates - August section of ESCI 3911 wil not be offered in 2020. Apologies. 

In 2020 we will offer the following field camps:

Introductory Field Geology Camp (ESCI 3911, offered in June),

Advanced Field Geology Camp (ESCI 4911, July 2020),

Hydrogeology (ESCI 4971W/5971, July 2020).

Each camp is 4 credits. Contact Annia Fayon for more information


Introductory Field Geology Course near Dillon, MT

Section 001 - June 2020

Tentantive departure dates from Tate Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN: June 2, 2020, returning June 26, 2020

Birch Creek Center in June, 2014                         Field mapping, August 2015

Advanced Field Geology Course, various locations in Nevada and Montana

Section 001 - July 2020

Tentative departure dates from Tate Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN: July 6, 2020, returning July 30, 2020










Right: Lamoille Canyon, Ruby Mountains metamorphic core complex, NV;
Left: Measuring fabrics, Bitterroot metamorphic core complex, MT;






Hydrogeology Field Course, located in Akeley, MN and Deep Portage Conservation Reserve (exact dates forthcoming)

Lake Randolph, MN


If you have any questions regarding the summer field programs at UMN, please contact Annia Fayon. Students from outside the University of Minnesota may apply for the Geology Field Courses by completing the application. The Hydrogeology link contains more information and contacts for that course.
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