Department of Earth Sciences
Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth Sciences

Hard Rock Lunch

Hard Rock Lunch Schedule- Spring 2019

Hard Rock Lunches are held on Wednesdays at 12:10 pm in room 401-20 Tate Hall and are BYOL "Bring your own Lunch".


February 6



February 13

Sunny Qin

Iron and silicon isotope composition in mantle and core phases: a potential method to constrain the silicon content in the core ?


February 20



February 27

Max Van Wyk de Vries

2018 Fuego eruption, Guatemala: did climate cause a volcanic disaster?


March 6

Max Bezada

Might the mantle lithosphere play a role in determining the location of induced seismicity?


March 13

Megan Korchinski

It's pretty easy to exhume deep crust duing extension


March 20

No Hard Rock Lunch- Spring Break


March 27

Harison Wiesman

Phase mixing in olivine + MgO


April 3

Patricia Kang



April 10



April 17

Avishek Rudra

Effects of fo2 and Pressure on Ferric Iron Partitioning between pyroxene and melt.


April 24

Anette von der Handt

Novel methods to improve EPMA analyses of beam-sensitive materials


May 1

Natalie Raia

Mass Balancing Ferric Iron in Subduction Systems