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Hard Rock Lunch

Hard Rock Lunch Schedule- Fall 2020

Hard Rock Lunches are held on Wednesdays at 12:10 pm via Zoom. If you are interested in attending a zoom talk, please contact Anette von der Handt at

September 23
Beautiful and informative microprobe maps of minerals
Anette von der Handt: Fe-Ti oxides in an Alaskan-type intrusion (Alto Condoto, Colombia), Element maps of foraminifera
Clem Hamelin: Quantitative maps of symplectites in (retrogressed) eclogite
Natalie Raia: Garnets in partially retrogressed eclogite and blueschist-facies metasediment from New Caledonia HP/LT Terrane
Donna Whitney: Trace element maps of birefringent garnets and garnets from Montagne Noir eclogite
Avishek Rudra: Electron microprobe maps of pyroxenes from 1 atm experiments
Jed Mosenfelder: Element maps of highly shocked ferroan anorthosite
Amanda Dillman: Element maps of melt extrusion experiments, Kinetic demixing in chromites.
September 30

No HRL       

October 7

Jen Taylor (STAMP)
Relating Ti concentration to microstructure in mylonitic quartzite

October 14
Amy Ryan
What volcanic shear zones can tell us about the eruption of lava domes: An example from Dome C, Chaos Crags, Lassen Volcanic Center (USA)

October 21
Maxwell Brown (IRM)         
Palaeomagnetism of western Iceland

October 28
Allison Severson (MGS)
Across- and along-strike structural and geochronological variations in the Nashoba-Putnam and Avalon terranes, southeastern New England Appalachians

November 4
Mini themed talks:
Clem Hamelin + Hannah Blatchford + Zach Michels            
GIS: applications from the micro- to the macroscale'
Andy Wickert: Tour of tectonic geomorph or sea level (TBD, ~10 min)

November 11
Avishek Rudra (Hirschmann Group)
Ferric iron partitioning between pyroxene and melt at high pressure

November 18
Annia Fayon + Anette vdH + Jed Mosenfelder +    
Mini themed talks: All things Cathodoluminescence

November 25
Xin Zhou (Wada Group)

December 2
Natalie Raia (STAMP)
Serpentinites of different tectonic origin captured in an HP/LT terrane

Dec 9
Clem Hamelin (STAMP)
TBD (eclogite petrochronology + oxygen isotopes from the Montagne Noire dome, Massif Central)

Dec 16