Department of Earth Sciences
Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth Sciences

Hard Rock Lunch

Hard Rock Lunch Seminar

Fall 2017


Mondays, 12.10 p.m. to 1.05 p.m. in room 401-20 Tate Hall


Mon Oct 2, 2017                Chao Qi:



Mon Oct 9, 2017                Anette von der Handt:

                                            New analytical strategies for beam sensitive materials


Mon Oct 16, 2017              Zach Michels:

                                            Effects of magmatic underplating on the rheological   

                                            properties of the upper mantle beneath the European

                                            Cenozoic rift system


Mon Oct 23, 2017              Mario A. Ramos Arias:



Mon Oct 30, 2017              Joe Byrnes:

                                            Seismic attenuation discriminates between mantle melt geometries


Mon Nov 6, 2017               Avishek Rudra:



Mon Nov 13, 2017             Christian Teyssier:

                                          From mylonite to serpentinite in a paleotransform fault


Mon Nov 20, 2017             Harison Wiesman:



Mon Nov 27, 2017             Andy Wickert:

                                           Glacial isostatic adjustment or Flexural isostasy and  Foreland Basins                                           


Mon Dec 4, 2017               TBD