Department of Earth Sciences
Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth Sciences

Soft Rock Lunch


Soft Rock Lunch -Fall 2017

Wednesdays, 12:10 - 1:10 p.m., 401-20 Tate Hall



9/6 Organizational meeting  
9/20 Tatsuro Tanioka “Effects of incorporating age-specific traits of zooplankton into marine ecosystem model”
9/27 Fiona Clubb "Tectonics from topography: linking channel steepness, concavity, and uplift"
10/4 Andy Wickert  
10/11 Xianglei LI "Climate variability over the last 150 years inferred from the Shihua Cave record, North China"
10/18 Kerry Callahagan "Reconstruction of the Amazon Drainage Basin, river discharge, and basin-scale erosion rates since the Last Glacial Maximum"
10/25 GSA week-no seminar  
11/1 Jacob Zahn and
Evan Whiting
"Dissolved Organic Carbon Cycling in the Ocean
"What can 3D-printing do for you?"
11/8 Carla Rosenfeld "Microbial impacts on selenium biogeochemistry: combining field and experimental systems to understand contaminants "
11/15 David Birlenbach "Predicting Body Mass in Rodents Using Non-Traditional 3D Dental Shape Descriptors"
11/22 Aubrey Dunshee "Investigating Microbially-Mediated Iron Reduction under 100% CO2"
11/29 Karen Kleinspehn "Archeology, Seismicity and Fore-arc Neotectonics of Greece: Holocene Lefkos Basin, Karpathos"
12/6 Mathieu Pythoud  
12/13 Dalton Leprich  

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